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Door-to-Door Public Relation

Through well-executed Members and complete end-to-end / Door to Door promotion of Human Rights and many other awareness programs, we try to help dramatically increase their visibility and create value about Human Rights values and there Guideline given in Universal declaration by United Nation Through group discussion, pamphlet, and through other media of information in societies, slum areas ensuring that their rights are valuable....

Helpline/Redressal cell

Medical relief on cancer, heart, HIV AIDS, other vital diseases. Helpless people and Medical illigal treatment prevention,Ultrasound, illigal work.

Lok- Adalats

Lok- Adalats are setup with the support of local reputed person, police, public representatives etc. In the presence of these people, small disputes are heard and settlement is reached. A number of public grievances and complaints are collected in detail.

They are channelised for solutions through IHRA. Helpline Centers to have been opened to take in the complaints from any end of the country.