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Guidance For Creation of New Socity/Trust/NGO's/Helpline

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Old Age Projects

  • Day Care for Old Age Persons- Rs.2.25 Lacs
  • Old Age Residential Centre- Rs.4 Lacs
  • Construction of Old Age Home- Rs.40.0 Lacs

Welfare of Persons with Disabilities

  • Special School
    • Visually Challenged- Rs.35 Lacs
    • Mentally Challenged- Rs.9.5 to 20 Lacs
    • Hearing & Speech impaied- Rs.9 to 25 Lac
  • Vocational Schools for Physically Handicapped - More than 150 Trades- Rs.5 Lacs to 35 Lacs
  • Vocational Programmes for Mentally Challenged and visually Handicapped - Rs 6 Lacs to 20 Lacs

Note: Project for disabled person on Seminar,Workshop,Camp Legal Literacy,CBR,HRD,Environment Eco-Friendly,Distribution of Artificial,Preschool & early intervention and training,Survey indentification awareness, sensitization etc.

Health Programmes

  • Mobile Dispensary for Welfare of SC/OBC- Rs.10 Lacs
  • Dispensary/10 bedded Hospital- Rs.20 Lacs
  • Drugs Addiction Hospital (15 Beds)- 9.5 Lacs
  • Health Camp, Mela,Yoga etc.- CAPART/Motherbody Registeres N.G.Os projects direct to Govt of India other through District Adminstration- Rs.4.38 Lacs
  • National Cancer Relief Projects-Rs.5 Lacs
  • Improvment of Medical Services for enhancement of Services in existing Hospital and for creation of Research Centre-Rs.4 Lacs
  • Special Health Scheme for Rural Area-Establishing New Hospital,Dispensary in Rural Area-Rs.8 Lacs

Art & Culture Programme

  • Building & Equipments Grant maximum of Rs.15 Lacs for construction of building,Rs.2.50 Lacs for equipments
  • Development of Buddist/Tibetan Culture & Art
    • Maintenance/Research projects Rs.1 Lac p.a
    • Repairs,restoration,renovation of ancient Rs.1.50 Lac p.a.
    • Award of Felloships/Scholrships/Holding of Rs.1.25 lAC p.a.
    • Purchase of books,documentation,cataloguing Rs.1.25 Lac p.a.
    • Financial Assistance may also be given of Rs.5 Lacs p.a. for construction of Hostel Building
    • Salary of teachers where organisation is running a school for imparting monastic education Rs.7 Lacs p.a.
  • Reservation & Development of the Culture Heritage of the Himalayas Grant- Rs.5 Lacs
  • Promotion & Dissemination of Tribal/Folk Art& Cultural Grant- Rs.2 Lacs
  • Promotion & Srengthening of Regional & Local Museums
  • Research support to Voluntary Organization,engaged in cultural activities i.e. Literary,Visual& engaged in cultural activities i.e. Literary,Visual & Performing Arts Grant maximum of -Rs 1 Lac.
  • Seting up of multipurpose complexes including those for children grant upto- Rs.1 Crore.
  • Development of Maintenance of National Memorials Grant maximum- Rs.5 Lacs
  • Centenaries/Anniversaries
    • Grants not exceeding Rs 1 Lac to NGO for apporopriate programmes under the scheme
    • Grants not exceeding Rs.40000/- in case of anniversary celebration of JubileeYears i.e. 125th, 150th,175th & so on

Scheme for Handicraft

  • Training Programme maximum Grant Rs.5.00 Lacs
  • Exibition Grant Rs. 1.60 Lacs
  • New/Renovation/Expansion/Emporium Sales outlet Grant Rs.20.00 Lacs
  • Crafts Development Centre Grant Rs.10.00 Lacs
  • Common Facilities services for Handicraft
  • Workshop/Seminar
  • Welfare Scheme for Abolition of Child Labour in Indian Hand Knotted Carpet Industries

Research and Development


Special Projects

  • Dairy,Poultry,Goatry,Piggery,Sheep Rearing,Plantation,Handloom,Handicraft,Sericultural,Mushroom Cultivation,Floriculture,Plantation & Wasteland Development Rs.50 Lacs to 8 Crores
  • Consumer Awarness Programme-Direct Project Establishing D.C.I.C.-Rs 5 Lacs
  • Rural Development,Watershed,Waste & Barren Land Improvement- Rs 20Lacs to 6 Crores
    • Agricultural and Natural Resources Management
    • Promotion of Scented Rice Cultivation
    • Agrivision District Support System
    • Nurseries for Planting Material
    • Animal husbandry
    • Institute for Rural Entrepreneurship and Micro enterprises
    • Establishing 'School Ashram'of Alternative education & Strengthening of Hostels for Dalit Students
    • Strengthening of Laboratory Facilities in the High School
    • Information Technology
    • Science Technology Park
    • Improvemnet of Marketing Infrastructure and development
    • Technological Interventions in Agricultural Activities for sustainable prosperity of *Rural Poor
    • Bio diversity,Conservation,Conservation & Eco-Development through Water shed management
    • Establishing of Modern Milk Processing Plants & Establishment
    • Mushroom Cultivation
    • Sericulture
    • Honey Cultivation
    • Food Preservation
    • Herbal Cultivation
    • Herbal & alternative care products
    • Water Ponding & Rain Harvesting
    • Floriculture
    • Vermi Compost
    • Goatry
    • Poultry
    • Fisheries
    • Poverty Aleviation through Training-cum-Income Genrating Handloom,Handicraft & Other Trainings
    • Hostels for SC/ST, Students with special attention to girls and drop out students
    • Special School-cum-Hostel for handicapped
    • Improvement of Health Services
    • Dispensary
    • Mobile Care Hospitals & Mobile Care Eye-Diagnosis centres

ABOVE * Project From 2O Lacs tO 9 Crore

Other Projects for Backward Class

  • Training programme for- Computers,Type & Shorthand,Tailoring &Embroidery,Fruit Processing,Gems Cutting,Motor Winding & Fittings,Photography,Plumbing,Printing,Composing and Book Binding,Offset Printing,Scooter/Motorcycle/Auto Rickshaw,Dye,Leather Craft,Spray Painting & Denting,Welding & Fitting,T.V,vcr & Radio Repairing -Rs 5 to 10 Lacs
  • Coaching for other backward class Beneficiaries

Minority Welfare projects

  • Establishing Residential Schools for Women ofMinorities for improving education standard
  • Vocational Training
  • Hostel Facility for Educationally Backward Students of Minorities Coaching Centers for IAS/PCS,CPMT,I.T,NDA,Technical,Agriculture,public & Private Sector etc.

EducationWelfare Programme

  • Bridge courses/Back to School Camps
  • Improving educational standard
  • Adult Education
  • Strengthening Culture & Values in Education
  • Seminar & Workshop on Copyright
  • Coaching for 25 Women both Urdan/Rural area
    • Primary Level- 2 Lacs
    • Junior Level- 2 Lacs
    • Highschool+Level- 2 Lacs
    • HighSchool Failed- 1.15 Lacs
    • Family Consultation Centre- Rs 1.15 Lacs

Women Related Training Programme

Trade Name Net Grant
Gem Cutting 4,42,000.00
Zari Craft & Patch Work 4,58,000.00
Leather 4,77,300.00
Computer 4,80,000.00
Soft Toys Making 3,30,000.00
Radio & T.V.Training 3,30,350.00
Food Processing 3,18,800.00
Screen Printing 2,48,800.00
Electronic Assenbly Operator 2,94,000.00
Ready-made Garments 1,91,035.00
Hand-loom Weaving 1,83,200.00
Embroidery 1,85,000.00
Office Management 1,62,700.00
Laboratory Technician 1,68,000.00
Hosiery 1,79,700.00
Typing and Shorthand 1,67,475.00
House Keeping 2,06,475.00
Secretarial Practice 2,12,850.00

Project for Women in Distress

  • Short stay home for Women & Girls 4.50 Lacs
  • Swadhar(Women in difficult circumsances)
    • For 50 womens- 9.50 Lacs (Rented Building)
    • For 100 womens- 22 Lacs (Rented Building)
    • For 200 womens- 98.0Lacs (With Building)
  • Eradiction for Sexually exploited Children Rs.8.23 Lacs/6.77 Lacs/7.01 Lacs.

Youth Related Projects

Name of the Trade Duration
Tailoring/Embroidary/PatchWork/Lacework/ Fabric Painting/Block Printing on Cloth/ Fine Art Hand Cloth Printing/Batik Printing Dress or Ready-made Garment making,Applique work 6 months
Carpentary/Bamboo Craft Making 6 months
Carpet Weaving(Woollen/Cotten)/Handloom/Durries/Khes/Jute/Varanasi Sari Weaving 6 months
Radio & Television Repairing 6 months
Scooter/Motor Cycle/Tractor Repairing 6 months
Computer Operations 6 months
Steel Furniture Fabrication 6 months
Electrical Motor Rewinding 7 Repairing of other electrical Home Appliances 6 months
Plumbing/Sanitary Fitting 6 months
Screen Printing 3 months
Type Setting/Offset Machine Printing/Machine Operation 6 months
Photography(still/video) 3 months
Food processing/Preservation 3 months
Shoe/Chappal/Leather Garments/Bags and other articles making 6 months
Chair Weaving/Plastic Weaving Cane & Wire Knitting/Fish-Net making 2 months
Mat & Basket Making 2 months
Rope/Niwar/Plastic Niwar Weaving 2 months
Repairing of Electrical & Other Diesel Driven Farm machines 6 months

Sports Facilities- Play field 60,000/-to3,00,000/-,Indoorb stadium 40 Lacs to 120 Lacs,Outdoor stadium 30 Lacs,Water Sports 50 Lacs,Winter Sports 50 Lacs,Skating Rink 4 Lacs,Sports Hostel 60 Lacs & Others

SC/ST. Related Projects

Training Programmes
Type and Short HAND 3 Lac
Computer Training 5.15 Lac0
T.V,V.C.R & Radio Repairing 3 Lac
Training Rural Engineering 3.5 Lacs
Welding & Fitting Tarde 3.5 Lacs
Diesel Pump-et repairing Training 2.5 Lac
Craft Centre 5.70 Lac
Motor Winding & Fitting Training 16 Lacs
Residential School for 100 students 33 Lacs
Residential School(Computer Centre) 8.60 Lacs
Non Residential School 13.75 Lacs
Non Residential School (computer) 1,85,000.00
Hostel 10 Lacs
Offset Training Programme 10 Lacs

Library,Carpentry,Commercial Art & Painting,Food Preservation,Leather Art,Auto Driving,Project for control of blindness among SC's,Opthaimic nurse technician course,Toe & Die TrainingmWatch Repairing Training,Spinning and Weaving Training,Dari Making etc.

Food Processing Unit grant 100%

  • Food & Fruit Processing & Preservation
    • Single line- 3 Lacs
    • Multiline(FPTC)- 9.5 Lacs
    • Seminar- 2 Lacs
    • Training Prog.(EDP)- 2 Lacs
  • Food Processing Units grants-25%
    • Fruit & Vegetable Processing
    • Bakery Bread,Buns,& Biscuits
    • Fish Processing
    • Pultry Processing
    • Meat Processing
    • Milk ad Dairy Products Procesing
    • Oil Processing Units
    • Consumer Industry Chocolate,Confectionary,Soft/Aerated Beverages/Drinks etc.

Medicinal Plants

  • Projects related to technology transfer and development- Rs.10 Lacs per year
  • Pilot Projects based on high Quality-Commercial production- Rs 10 Lacs per year
  • Research & DEVELOPMENT(R&D) Project- Rs-25 LACS
  • In situ conservation and Ex-situ cultivation- Rs.10 Lacs per annum.

Tribal Welfare Programme

  • Educatuional Complex
  • Improvement & Develop, in the field of Education,Health & Sanitation Environment,Drinking Water,Legal Redressal Services and need based Socio-Economic upliftment.

Agriculture & Rural Development

Investment Promotional Schemes fro development of NonForest Wastelands-upto- 25 Lacs.Technology Development Extension and training for wastelands Development in Non-Forest Areas affordable AND Wasteland Development in NonForest areas afforestation and wasteland development Drought Prone Ares Programme

Women and Agriculture

  • Motivate and mobilize Women Farmers through groups approach
  • Idnetify/Constitute Farm Women Groups to act as focal Points for canalizing all Agriculture Support Services
  • Provide regular and periodic technician training to women farmers in agricultural and allied areas
  • Develope Managerial,Organizational,Entrepreneurial and decision making skills and
  • Provide adequate Organizational and Financial Support to Women Groups to help them emerge Self help viable units which can organise their own activities and resources


  • New Technology Rs-10 Lacs R & D 25 Lacs
  • Visit of progressive farmers upto Rs.1 Lac
  • Technology Awareness 50,000/-Seminar,State seminar 3 Lacs,National seminar 5 Lacs,International 10 Lacs

Road Safety Awareness Programme

  • Raising road safety Consciouness among the road users
  • Publicity campaigns on road safety
  • Providing training facilities to drivers and medical aid to the victims of road accidents
  • Organising trining programme for special target groups like drivers of heavy vehicles/goods vehicles,etc,grant maximum 5 Lac

Non conventional energy Sources

  • Biogas Develooment Programme
  • Seminar and Workshop

Animal Welfare Programme

  • Ambulance Service-upto 5 Lacs
  • Animal Protection Home- 25Lacs
  • Birth Control & Protection of stray dogs- 5 Lacs & more

Labour Welfare Programme

Child Labour & Women Welfare Prog. Rs. 5 Lacs & above

Complete List of Project

Innovative concept and project feasibility reports on the following topics are available:

  • Advocacy
  • Vocational Training of Various Trades
  • Women Empowerment & Child Issues
  • E-governance
  • Health & Deadly Curable Diseases
  • Family Welfare & Population Control
  • Rural Development,Urban Development
  • Socio-Economic Programmes
  • SHG & Micro – Credit
  • Agriculture & Allied Industries
  • Cottage Technologies
  • Rural Technologies
  • Youth Affairs
  • Culture, Arts
  • Old Aged, Disabled
  • Nutrition, Food Processing
  • Appropriate Technologies Development
  • Environment, Wildlife
  • Human Rights & Civil Rights
  • International Peace & Co-operation
  • Refugee
  • Water
  • Gender Issues, Social Issues
  • Research
  • Emergency Services
  • Enterprises Development
  • Support Services
  • Housing
  • Legal Assistance
  • Animal Care
  • Cooperative Development
  • Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation
  • Computer & Information Technologies
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Reproductive Child Health
  • Community Services
  • Social Justice Issues
  • Sustainable, Integrated Development
  • Spiritual and Metaphysical issues
  • Religious issues
  • Resource Centre Management
  • Media Collaboration
  • Economic, Infrastructure Development
  • Agro and Rural, Small Scale Industries
  • Low-cost Technologies
  • Corruption, Terrorism
  • Safety Programmes
  • Peace and Conflict Resolution
  • Immigration
  • Tribal Affairs
  • Other Innovative & sustainable issues
  • Capacity Building
  • Energy
  • Sanitation